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just got an email from a friend, quoting nadine chandrawinata's interview in the miss universe 2006 beauty contest.

oh my oh my oh my. why did they let that woman go. they should've known better.

anyway, check out this site to see for yourself. it's very funny. if you can't get into the site by just clicking the link, try and search for the miss universe 2006 page and click contestants.

if nadine wins this contest, i think Indonesia should celebrate heavily, because indeed, it's a miracle!!!! :D

can't play the video because of bad connection? worry not. go to this site and check out the written version of nadine's interview.

i'd only quote some of my favorites:
"my admirer is mother theresa..." (hah? masa sih?)
"Indonesia is a beautiful city..." (huh?)
"... because we have a lot of beautiful bitches..." (WHAT THE...?!?!?!?)

. reney yo . 7:37 AM